Saturday, March 20, 8 p.m.

The Bogota band Darkness will perform on March 20 before their public and for the whole world in a virtual way, in the concert “Cadenas, Cuero y Metal”, there they will perform their greatest hits and new songs that will be part of “Días de Oscuridad 2 ”, EP that will soon be released worldwide. Óscar Orjuela (Drums), Héctor Mariño (Bass), Patricio Stiglich (Guitar) and Áleran de Adularia (Voice); make up this legendary group that has left its mark throughout the history of Colombian metal, being the only band endorsed by Metallica to cover one of their songs For Darkness this reunion with their audience means returning to the sacred temple; The stage. a place where what is expressed is born again and again, where songs are reborn each time because one show will never be the same as another. also this unique space where those who share our music in their lives, become one with us. In mid-2020, the band presented on digital platforms and its YouTube channel unique content that was seen, listened and reviewed by thousands of their fans,  Dias de Oscuridad EP. “was something new that challenged us. it also became a discovery of possibilities that were there but were not explored in depth, an important way to connect with our followers so as not to lose their trail or they lose us, something that possibly facilitated a certain level of communication and intimacy in the midst of full pandemic». But the story continues and for this 2021 comes a supreme experience, a new meeting with its audience, a majestic assembly of lights, sound and unmissable songs, which will be performed live and direct, extracting the best of each era, the set list also includes songs from his most recent release and a preview of his new work. There are more than 30 years of experiences that enrich this new show, which seeks to remain in active contact with the followers of Darkness, the long time fans, the new ones and those who are just discovering them and thus continue along this new path that is presented today. and from now on through the different electronic and digital channels. This is an invitation you can’t turn down, a live concert experience featuring interpretations of the songs from their upcoming release, as well as some fan favorites and surprises you can’t miss. «Cadenas,Cuero y Metal Live Stream» will be broadcast from Line Up Studios on March 20, 8 p.m., accesses available at valued at $ 25,000 cop, that is around $7 us dollars.





DARKNESS is a powerful Rock Metal group formed in Bogotá, D.C., in 1986, considered to be one of the most emblematic and important bands of the national rock scene, whose extensive discography includes several Latin American rock classics. The group gained fame due to their skills during live performances, where the powerful set of the band makes people to not stop jumping, shouting and applauding.

The lyrics of DARKNESS, raw and scathing, reflect the feelings of a non-conformist society, addressing issues such as poverty, inequality and freedom. The music of the group has been recognized by its unique sound (a mixture of elements characteristic of Rock, Thrash, Speed ​​and Heavy Metal music) which has been strongly influenced by bands like Judas Priest, AC / DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Rush.

DARKNESS continues being, generation after generation, the preeminent Metal band in Colombia, an artistic reference that has contributed to culture, since it is one of the first Bogota’s metal bands that helped establish the genre in the country and who the new talents continue to venerate and emulate.

With over 30 years on the Colombian scene, innumerable presentations throughout the country, thousands of multi-generational followers, massive concerts opening for great international Metal artists such as Metallica, Exodus, Kreator, Destruction, etc., DARKNESS has influenced a good part of the Colombian Rock musicians that today are recognized artists.

The band, which over the years gained the prestige of legend, has left an indelible mark in the history of Colombian Metal, with songs that became anthems of national Rock. The firm support of thousands of fans and the good reception of their music by the Colombian rock scene, managed to establish DARKNESS as one of the most important groups in the history of Rock made in Colombia.

Press Release

Bogotá, D.C., Colombia, February 22, 2019 – DARKNESS, legendary Colombian rock metal group announces a new launch for June 21, after two years of inactivity. This new production was recorded on December 21, 2018, produced by Flemming Rasmussen (Producer of Metallica during the 80’s) and was also Mixed and Mastered at Sweet Silence Studios, in Copenhagen, Denmark during January 2019.

DARKNESS returns to the artistic activity with a new line-up after officially finishing a 30-year career at Rock al Parque 2017. Singer and guitarist Rodrigo Vargas was not part of this new process nor will he be accompanying the band in the future.
The new members of DARKNESS are professional musicians and each one is a recognized artist, who has his own project. Their identity will only be revealed before the official launch of this new production.

The new song of DARKNESS is a derivative version of Metallica’s classic Fade to Black, which has been reinterpreted by the Bogota band, as a tribute to their idols and musical mentors. This production acquires artistic merit as it is a new version of the first ballad launched in 1984 by the Californian group and not just a cover.

This is a version authorized and licensed by Metallica, in a negociation that took two years, including the time it took to make Flemming part of our team, whom we admire since our adolescence thanks to works such as Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets or … And Justice for All, were he was the producer «says Oscar Orjuela, founder and drummer of DARKNESS, who is also its main composer.

Fade to Black (in Spanish) will be available only in streaming for fans starting June 21st, just the day when the night is longer in the southern hemisphere.

ABOUT DARKNESS: Recognized as a group that has contributed to the culture of Colombia, this legendary band influenced many of the musicians that today are part of the national rock scene. In 2017 they finish their 30-year career due to creative differences between their members, at which time the band was negotiating with the lawyers of Metallica, advancing the efforts to make a version of Fade to Black. This license was granted to Oscar Orjuela in 2018, so he decides to invite great musicians and friends to record this song, which constitutes the return of the legendary group DARKNESS.


Darkness has had several stages over 3 decades! It all began in the garage of a friend who said they could play the drums and the guitar and bass amplifiers loud, because he lived alone and he liked Rock, in times that almost nobody played, there was hardly any bands around and the Rock movement  was just taking place.
Oscar Orjuela, had acquired a custom made drum set  when he was 16 that his dad bought him because he wanted to support the talent and discipline he saw in his son! Oscar did not take long to become skilled on his instrument, playing songs of the groups that nowadays are legends as Judas Priest, AC / DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Rush, etc.
The former members of Darkness were Oscar Orjuela, Felipe Levy, Jorge Mc Kenzie, Harold Fajardo and Jake Cruz. Oscar and Felipe began the band because they were friends at school, one played drums and the other one played guitar. They invited Jorge to play bass and Harold was the singer. They played covers. One day, the band was in a music store right on 19th Street in downtown Bogota and Oscar reunites with Jake, whom he had met through a mutual friend, Yury Vargas. Yury has been one of the closest contributors of Darkness as Lucho Cardozo (R.I.P.) and Leo Espinoza and they are still currently working with the band in everything, as far as design, marketing and advertising is concerned, topics in which they are experts.
When Oscar rehearsed with Jake for the first time, there was a short circuit … I mean, these two hit it off right from the start and when they played together, wrathchild by Iron Maiden, there was an immediate connection throughout art, including tastes and concepts, which led them to compose songs together that became classics of Rock in Colombia. Rodrigo Vargas was a friend of Jake’s and he proposed him as rhythm guitarist and when Oscar heard him play he immediately knew that that boy would be in Darkness, even when he was 50 years old.
Carlos Olmos, who was a classmate with Oscar, was quite a collector of music. Oscar used to go to Carlos’  home to discover new artists and he used to  mimick the bassist of Iron Maiden with a tennis racket. So when Mc Kenzie leaves the band to form Neurosis, Oscar calls Olmos. For his part, Levy left the country with his family and Harold decided to go in search of his dreams, away from music.
Darkness is now formed by Oscar, Jake, Rodrigo and Olmos. Oscar and Jake entered a stage of composition and the band publishes its first original material in its EP Espias Malignos in 1989 with Jake as a singer. This recording and a couple thousand vynil copies were sponsored by Gustavo Arenas, who owned a music store on 19th Street.
Darkness had an impact on the Bogota youth since its first live show, in some bar downtown or Lotus Queen bar in Castilla, and since then the local critics welcomed them as leaders in the new Metal scene. At this point we have to mention the unconditional support of music expert / radio personality Andres Duran and his specialized program «El Expreso del Rock», who has always been part of our family and who still believes in Darkness.
A couple of years later Jake makes a life decision and dedicates full time to theology so the band becomes a power Trio and since then, Darkness made presentations throughout the country, adding followers everywhere and even drawing people from towns near the cities where they played. Javier Cano «The Zipa» played with the band for a while but fate led him to take a different path than Darkness.
In 1995 the band releases its first album, Soberania – Soberana Ironia, recorded at Audivision studios and produced by Darkness. In 1999 the band was the opening act for the first Metallica  visit to Colombia in the biggest concert in the country during the twentieth century.
In 2000 Olmos travels to the United States and Oscar continues with Rodrigo and Nicolas, a bassist friend, for a while. It is at this stage, the end of 2002, when Oscar makes the decision to live indefinitely in Miami with his wife and son. Meanwhile, Rodrigo kept  playing with the band as demand for Darkness, after years of effort invested, continues to increase over time. Nestor Ozuna takes the seat at the drumset and Andres Buitrago is now the bassist. This formation recorded in 2011 Guerrofobia, album produced by Rodrigo Vargas. To date, Darkness is still around, fulfilling contracts at events with international artists such as Destruction, Exodus, Kreator, Hirax, and Overkill.

In 2016 Oscar arrives from the United States and Darkness prepares to release a new EP, on December 1st at Ozzy Bar in west Bogota, which includes a new song with its video, the re-recording of two classic songs from the Espias Malignos EP and a cover from Metallica (Fade to Black with lyrics in Spanish!!).